Unification and Derivation

Languages riddles out my experiences and reflections while tango dancing through the in-betweens. It is with writing that I can play with plausible combinations, unifications, and loopholes. In The Book, Alan Watts addresses this idea that true wisdom is comprised of awareness of the unification of appearing opposites and dichotomies. Throughout all of my experiences, […]

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Autumnal Nostalgia

It’s nice to just let go, type, write, speak, and be in a way that feels quintessentially natural and that flows with ease. It’s rare and oddly difficult to find this place of free communication. We strive for structures that can mask our limitations¬†and imperfections, and yet we then have the task of describing their […]

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Lightly Colored Specks of Paint

A box of acrylic paints peeked out from underneath a cardboard box topped with a blank canvas and this gave me an idea. We painted together. My brush strokes were delicate and small, bright and colorful, whereas his were large and sweeping with dark, deep colors. The combination could have worked until he announced, “Oh! […]

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