This is a blog about phenomenology and the ontological nature of human experience, focusing on the first-person embodied orientation and the self/other symbiosis.

Questions addressed in this blog:

  • Where does the “self” end and the “other begin? That is, what in the world can be categorized as part of the “not I” and what can be categorized as the “I”? Where is the boundary between the two? Are they really inseparable as they seem, are are they intricately interconnected in a system which mutually enhances the awareness that each has of itself?
  • Where does perception end and memory begin?
  • How does our body constitute our experience?
  • To what extent is human experience universal, and how can we explore and determine the dynamics of this universality?

One thought on “About

  1. From what I understand from my study at the School of Metaphysics–

    1. You are MORE than just a physical body, lucid DREAMING gives you a bit of awareness on this perspective.
    2. EVERYTHING experienced [via the 5 physical senses] is stored in the subconscious for assimilation and integration when relevant.
    3. Each individual experience is unique, and contributes to the collective perspective.

    Hope this helps!!


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