The Autumn that Healed Me

One Autumn many Autumns ago, I had the Autumn of a lifetime. It was one of the happiest and most tumultuous times of my life. Something came out of me at that time, and maybe the reason I’m missing Chicago so much right now is because I feel attuned to the same energy again now. […]

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My Rapist Wants My Forgiveness

It was my sixteenth birthday and I remember feeling a taste for adventure. I was quite lonely, but I had discovered an early 2000’s online dating 4chan-esque community that revolved around rating people’s pictures based on their attractiveness. And for the first time in my life, I was one of the “hot girls” because I […]

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Ana Wrecks Your Life

I have never written or spoken about my childhood confrontation with dying very openly before. Content trigger warning: phenomenological account of childhood eating disorder. Now that I am well into adulthood and it has been so many years, I feel less and less of a need to invest in concerns about plausible negative perceptions from […]

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Compassion as a practice of shifting focus from the self on to another

Emily Dickinson was perplexed by this notion that access to truth has two dimensions, which she referred to as circumscription and circuitry. Circumscription refers to the outer reaches of what we as humans can possibly understand about the cosmos, the universe, and ultimate truth. The circuit refers to our individual existence, and the scope of […]

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