Dream images in poetic form.

Cardinal crashes as wings disperse and dissolve Leaving puzzle pieces upon a floor as its only trace. A sight so terrifying and disturbing, I must escape to the hills with the children, and amidst them an old man tells me the secret of the fields. I walk on lavender and sink into a calm. One […]

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Lucky Dragons Performance.

Everyone simultaneously takes a small step forward
towards the light, towards the dancing flames of color
Huddling, gliding, colliding souls
Enraptured by the echo of our ancient past
When we were tribal men, women, and children ritualistically crowding around the fire like a collective.
We are each handed a tool
and asked to explore
co-create, cohabit the interactive space
Rainbows reflect as the ambiance expands.
We smile and exchange ideas, inspired and delighted
by the movement of our souls, merging together
if even for only the fraction of a second while we can stay in tune.

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