Dream images in poetic form.

Cardinal crashes as wings disperse and dissolve
Leaving puzzle pieces upon a floor as its only trace.
A sight so terrifying and disturbing, I must escape
to the hills with the children, and amidst them
an old man tells me the secret of the fields.
I walk on lavender and sink into a calm.
One second less, one second left.

My father fixes a ceiling fan and questions how I spend my time,
Why I do not think about the weather.
Broken parts from a swingset lay upon a lawn
Forgotten and left behind, like artifacts from a childhood.
The structure of the swingset remains as a skeleton
That is, until the stranger reunites the carriage swing with its hinges.

A swing’s seat has been crudely sliced in two,
but I grab the pieces and hold them together as I swing.
The stage lights up, and in the front row
I know that I cannot hide my face.
We escape to dirt roads and tread through water
Single file, we follow to freedom.

A chandelier swing hangs from the ceiling
I am invited to join in on this fantastical ride.
Circular motions wave me through time
The young boy is scared, and asks to get off.
We do not listen and he falls.
The swing master dives the swing and catches him just in time.
The adults whisper that maybe he was on to something,
maybe he knew.

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