Hidden Places: Final Reflections

Hidden places are of course internal and external and both literal and figurative. So the literal hidden place is both Toni Patisserie and the Cultural Center. These were the places where I met and fell in love with an artist, with my city of origin, and most crucially with myself again. And the figurative hidden […]

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Lightly Colored Specks of Paint

A box of acrylic paints peeked out from underneath a cardboard box topped with a blank canvas and this gave me an idea. We painted together. My brush strokes were delicate and small, bright and colorful, whereas his were large and sweeping with dark, deep colors. The combination could have worked until he announced, “Oh! […]

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Cruises for Crushes

I am tired of posturing and pretense Loud music and screaming solicitude. I want to tell you that I keep finding beauty in you, I want to look into your eyes. The imposition is implied, and the conversation that is wanted to be had simply gestures itself through a masked incarnate of what could have […]

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Dream images in poetic form.

Cardinal crashes as wings disperse and dissolve Leaving puzzle pieces upon a floor as its only trace. A sight so terrifying and disturbing, I must escape to the hills with the children, and amidst them an old man tells me the secret of the fields. I walk on lavender and sink into a calm. One […]

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Spiritual echoes.

I wish I were living cinema. Some people are like that, I think. I have seen it before. They move and while watching them you become transfixed in something in the flow of their movement and it does not seem real. Sometimes it seems to happen in slow motion, like watching someone light up during […]

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