Agency, Body, Actions, Others

How much agency do we attribute to our actions? What actions do we attribute greater agency to and why? Is this at all based on energy exerted, focus and attention, directedness, goal orientation, deliberateness, personal investment, etc?

Are actions for which we associate higher levels of agency more resistant to confabulation than actions with lower agency attributions?

When we feel that we really relate to what someone else is saying, do we extend the normal “bounds” of our “self” and thus become more susceptible to incorporating aspects of their recollections/memories/stories into our own memories?

Assuming that there is no real “wall” between oneself and others and that we can let go of attachments to the ‘I’ to sink into the deeper, spiritual, more primordial or perhaps more ‘enlightened’ or transcendent intersubjective ‘we’, what are the mechanisms, practices, awarenesses and insights, experiences, and commonplace occurrences (“slight glimpses”) that allow for this transposition of our normal sense of selfhood?

Does the digital age and the presentation of the self within the digital matrix allow younger generations to tap into ego disseminating experiences more readily than past generations since they are already primed to distancing themselves and their identity from the physical body? Perhaps it has at least led us to think about self-concept a little differently.

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