Spiritual echoes.

I wish I were living cinema. Some people are like that, I think. I have seen it before. They move and while watching them you become transfixed in something in the flow of their movement and it does not seem real. Sometimes it seems to happen in slow motion, like watching someone light up during […]

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“Our spontaneous experience of the world, charged with subjective, emotional, and intuitive content, remains the vital and dark ground of all of our objectivity.” – (Abram, 1996, p. 34) “Phenomenology is a low-hovering, in-dwelling, meditative philosophy that glories in the concreteness of person-world relations and accords lived experience, with all its indeterminancy and ambiguity, primacy […]

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There is something here that is inexpressible and yet inescapably prevalent in every part of the whole overall effect of what might be called a phenomenon, something happening. We perceive the world and grasp it and at once it slips away, mutating its form into a new configuration of our perceptual state. At what point […]

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