“Our spontaneous experience of the world, charged with subjective, emotional, and intuitive content, remains the vital and dark ground of all of our objectivity.” – (Abram, 1996, p. 34)

“Phenomenology is a low-hovering, in-dwelling, meditative philosophy that glories in the concreteness of person-world relations and accords lived experience, with all its indeterminancy and ambiguity, primacy over the known.” – (Wertz, 2005, p. 175)
This phrase about how phenomenology “glories the concreteness of person-world relations” is truly to the core of phenomenological thinking. It is about how this is not something abstract or hypothetical, but something quite literally “right here”. The bit about “primacy over the known” is very crucial as well; phenomenology focuses on what we have access to already, what is here, rather than trying to understand and know every part of what stems from this quintessential background of lived experience.

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