Living for Others.

Everything we do in life is to be loved a little more, or so Julie Delpy’s character in Before Sunrise argues. It seems impossible to me that we can ever truly block out the awareness of our coexistence in a shared realm wherein which we are viewed by the Other. What does my life amount to if I no longer think of it in terms of the effect that I have on Others? What is anyone’s life without connection to the Other?

I have been filtering through theories of Self, and every approach to being a person seems fundamentally incomplete unless the Other is accounted for as a principle figure in our Being-in-the-world. There is a shift that occurs once we are aware of the presence of the other…our view of the world becomes largely disembodied because the natural embodied perspective is seen as limiting and incomplete. The desire to talk about a world that exists independently from the viewer, in its own stable plane, largely stems from the awareness that a sight that I behold is also given to the other.

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