Endeavors of Thought

What are the greatest endeavors of human thought? In Western culture, understanding, knowledge, and empirical precision are heralded as though they comprise the zenith of all human understanding and the ultimate conglomeration of all of our efforts. Towards the end of my undergraduate studies, I began to realize that the arts had this extraordinary ability […]

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Overview of Theories of The Self

Response Notes from Self, No Self?: Perspectives from Analytical, Phenomenological, & Indian, a collection of essays edited by Mark Siderits, Evan Thompson and Dan Zahavi (2011): Diachronic identity is a component of the substantialist view of the self. It refers to the persistence of an enduring entity over time, and can be used as a […]

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The Expressive Body

The natural attitude in the sciences operates on an ontology that suspends subjectivity in favor of conceiving pure nature as the grounds for all being, and hence all understanding. The body is viewed as a condition of possibility within the context of other physical objects in objective space, wherein which it can be defined by […]

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Cruises for Crushes

I am tired of posturing and pretense Loud music and screaming solicitude. I want to tell you that I keep finding beauty in you, I want to look into your eyes. The imposition is implied, and the conversation that is wanted to be had simply gestures itself through a masked incarnate of what could have […]

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Trust and Truth

Truth is tricky. It can seem so satiating, and yet unpredictable in its availability. Sometimes it is imperceivable, almost as though it vanishes and reappears and then vanishes again before anyone can track it or claim it. And yet, as a lover of empiricism it is alluring to savor the truth that does appear and […]

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