The Expressive Body

The natural attitude in the sciences operates on an ontology that suspends subjectivity in favor of conceiving pure nature as the grounds for all being, and hence all understanding. The body is viewed as a condition of possibility within the context of other physical objects in objective space, wherein which it can be defined by its actions in relation to these objects and perhaps in relation to other bodies which are also categorized as material things. This is a very simple, condensed, and straight-forward mode of examining interactive situations, but it does not acknowledge the expressive and communicative properties that also constitute the body, especially in a sociocultural sense. With the natural attitude, the psyche is apprehended only through the implications that can be drawn by the behaviors and actions of the body within this matrix of object-relations. The body is an expressive conductor in the constitution of the environment and in the world experienced by other beings and other bodies. Bodies operate within an elaborate and communicative network of understanding, and this condition of being denies the possibility that a body functions as just a material object. The body is a generative entity co-creating the conditions of possibility within a sociocultural world with others.

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