Trust and Truth

Truth is tricky. It can seem so satiating, and yet unpredictable in its availability. Sometimes it is imperceivable, almost as though it vanishes and reappears and then vanishes again before anyone can track it or claim it. And yet, as a lover of empiricism it is alluring to savor the truth that does appear and show its face.

Where is truth between two people? This seems to be a special condition for truth, almost a specific variant for the mode in which truth can disclose itself. Truth is now something shared which can be confirmed, challenged, or denied by another person. This person can take truth away from us and make us question our own reality. And this is where trust comes in.

Trust is what can be achieved when two people have a mutual respect for one another’s authority (and their own authority) in a situation. We have to acknowledge the barriers of our own experience before we can make room to trust others. It is sometimes hard to resist the temptation to want to control and to possess truth with as though we all have some sort of primary authenticity.

To me, the most poignant truths seem to be rolled up in metaphors. These truths conjure faint echoes that resound softly within the deepest catacombs of the mind, as though they were always there but cannot take shape outside of the shadows

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