Phase II. The Challenge: How Can I Develop an Empirical and Creative Study of Experience?

Recently, the following questions have been occupying my mind:

  1. What is art, what does it mean to be an artist, and how is art enacted?
  2. How can we resolve some of the major communication barriers that limit our ability to transmit our experiences to others?
  3. What can art transmit, as a mode of expression, that is beyond what language and other forms of communication might allow?
  4. How is technology changing the way that we experience our own bodies, our sense of self, and our sense of understanding the core phenomenality of one another?
  5. How can art and the empirical sciences combine to allow for a phenomenological investigation of experiential variations? Increasingly, there are art installations and technologies developed to capture the “what is it like to be” phenomenality of others, specifically the Machine to Be Another project and other developing technologies around the “embodiment system.” How can an empirical method be applied to these experiments to analyze, frame, and contextualize their scope and possibilities? What can we learn from subjects who undergo these altered-embodied and altered-self experiences?

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