The issue of “being” is not something which one has to “know about” or even have a certain amount of “intellect” in order to understand. Instead, it is something quite perfectly obvious and all the same very mysterious because we desire to stretch outwards and turn our face back towards it to examine it “fully”. However, this is it. The fundamental nature of our own being is lived, embodied, and enacted daily, but ignored constantly. There is a “universal” quality of being, in the “human” way, from an essential source and being in a world. Heidegger called this Dasein, a way to describe the type of “Self” which we all an orientation towards the world, as beings in the world and beings viewed by the Other. There is something that it is like to be a Self, a faceless perspective of unlimited capacity. The entire world that we know is part of the perspective of that world, and we could almost say that its scope is unlimited if we were not aware of the gap between the Self (“myself”) and the Other. Knowing that the Other perceives a world and that the world perceived by the Other is not the world that we perceive and that it, in fact, cannot be (we cannot stand in the exact same space at the same time to perceive the same events unfolding), serves as a proof that our access to the world is incomplete.

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