quintessential and honest

I think that the study of experience itself and what it means to be experiencing or to have an experience is absolutely essential. There is a first-personal nature to the question because experience is given with an embodied viewpoint. Throughout this blog, I will approach the questions of experience as honestly and primordially as possible. First, I just want to establish that currently the sciences, and, specifically, the sciences of mind (psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience) are conducting their studies from a third-person “objective” stance. However, the subject matter of these studies is not something “out there”, but is instead the same subject matter as the mechanism doing the exploration. Therefore, assuming the objectivist attitude in this instance is somewhat ridiculous.

There are two things I know how to do very well: one, I am very good at taking any topic and viewing it for its quintessence, and two, I am very good at being honest. I will maintain both of these character eccentricities throughout this entire blog to the best of my ability, hoping to gain insight into the nature of human experience.

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