Remember me as a time of day.

It is imperative for me to explore everything that is here and to do so with the highest degree of honesty that I can possibly express. I am trying to think of a way to explain how basic of a task this is. To me, at the core of all of this is experience. There is an entire world unfolding constantly within the sphere of my experience, and it dances about in various ways that compel me to higher and higher levels of immersion in it. I look at what is presented before me and I try to figure out how it all fits together.

Anything that happens in the world also happens within my own being because there are no ins and outs of this thing, no insides and outsides. There are only forces which can act on other forces to give the illusion of separateness, but really it’s just an exchange and an interaction. It is pure symbiosis. I exist WITH the world, not IN it. It is like an elastic thing where every bit of my own movement takes with it a reconfiguration of my whole world and every stretch of the world takes me with it by vibrating upon my senses.

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