My Thought Process (Six Weeks Before India Mid February to March 27th)

Plan for India, graduate school agghhh, yoga and relax, build flexibility, stretch, finish work project (there is no end to data analysis!), read, write, develop storytelling skills, dance class, tone muscles, practice cooking new recipes, search castings and score gigs, *rare and beautiful moments of exceptional bliss* becoming ever more frequent and regular, extreme stress and anxiety ohmygod the work week has started and WHY is it mid February -— six weeks six weeks SIX WEEKS — where did the time go? I can’t remember the last time I was this happy in February. It used to be the hardest month. Life is amazing. I love being in the city. So many great people. (Life, what are you? What am I doing?) Oh no, wasted time. Get back on track. Back on track. Make To-Do Lists. Why did I put something that takes five months to accomplish on my To-Do List? To Do: Learn how to make more practical To-Do Lists. Keep working. Focus. One thing at a time. Read, eat, sleep. Repeat. Meet inspiring and encouraging people. Who knew people could be so open minded and welcoming? Talk phenomenology, read phenomenology, evoke passions. Dance boldly. Good. Bad. Wonderful. Difficult. Winter is so cold but can also be so sunny and gorgeous when every beam of light shimmers off the ice on the lake. (How do I make sense of it all? Where do I begin?) Oh well, I’m doing it. Every moment, every action matters.

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