Hidden Places: Final Reflections

Hidden places are of course internal and external and both literal and figurative. So the literal hidden place is both Toni Patisserie and the Cultural Center. These were the places where I met and fell in love with an artist, with my city of origin, and most crucially with myself again. And the figurative hidden […]

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Review: AC Maria’s video for ‘One of Our Girls Has Gone Missing’

When I was a child, I liked to curl up and turn my senses off and inward. I would fold my head into my lap and cover my eyes with my hands and close my ears with my thumbs. I spent a lot of time in this space, just thinking and watching the vibrant colors rise and fade on the insides of my eyelids, hearing and feeling my breath rise and fall. It was relaxing and mesmerizing.

Throughout my life, I have always had a tendency to wander, or just sit and observe. The woman in the video dances freely. She dances past the search squad, telephoning in updated reports. She climbs up the rocks, carrying her suitcase all the way. She is not causing or getting into any trouble. She is just finding her way.


One of our girls has gone missing
We’ve heard she’s left
So where do we go now?
It feels like theft
Feels like

One of our girls has gone over the wall
Under a wire
She’s cut and run
But where is she now?
She’s gone

She’s lost her colour and faded away

Left an empty house
And moved into thin air

One of our girls has gone missing

Under a cloud
Will she come back
Or is she too proud?
She’s gone

One of our girls has gone with the wind
And run away
For more than a minute
For more than a day
She’s gone

So one of our birds has flown
Is that so distressing?
She can have her wings
Will she have our blessing?
She’s gone

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My Thought Process (Six Weeks Before India Mid February to March 27th)

Plan for India, graduate school agghhh, yoga and relax, build flexibility, stretch, finish work project (there is no end to data analysis!), read, write, develop storytelling skills, dance class, tone muscles, practice cooking new recipes, search castings and score gigs, *rare and beautiful moments of exceptional bliss* becoming ever more frequent and regular, extreme stress […]

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Autumnal Nostalgia

It’s nice to just let go, type, write, speak, and be in a way that feels quintessentially natural and that flows with ease. It’s rare and oddly difficult to find this place of free communication. We strive for structures that can mask our limitations¬†and imperfections, and yet we then have the task of describing their […]

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