Flickers Through Dust: The Creative Mind

We were like children discovering our existence and its supposed boundaries for the first time. The levity of our method was held taut by the thoroughness of our investigation. Our fingertips grasp only rays of light that flicker through the dust and do not yet hold onto the forms and shapes upon which it lands. Alas, we exasperate our spirits in the joy of its luminescence!

What I love most about the creative realm versus the technical mode of expressing and exploring ideas is that the creative does not require a solution, result, or furthered understanding. It is always nice if these aims come within the scope of a rather open-ended creative endeavor, but the intent is often more playful. Dancing with ideas can be just as fruitful as pinning down the implications of one idea in an applied and theoretically strong sense. In the creative mode, I can invent a character who might see the world in a certain way and in so doing I can expand my range of considering the possibilities of alternative worlds (or, modes of experiencing a world), which makes me question what makes this world (or experience) as it is. There is less pressure in the creative; nothing needs to be any certain way, thoughts do not need to prove their validity.

I think of Einstein, looking at a mirror and contemplating gazing at a reflection while running at the speed of light. What does this even mean? It has no context in a technical sense of understanding the world as it is presented, but it incites reflection (sorry for the pun) in what it means to live in a world without traveling at the speed of light but where this speed is a property of how this world is manifest and how our bodies perceive it.

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