The woman vanishes, laughter fading in the mist

I am writing this to capture this moment and this feeling. Right now.

I am filled with this sense of joy, wonder, and the calmness to approach opportunities with grace and honesty, if still a bit cautiously. I remember feeling this way in spring, shortly after I had registered for the summer program in Copenhagen. Perhaps this feeling is related to the elation of traveling to Europe, of travel in general, and the adventures that await.

I feel like things are working in my favor. I feel really confident and bold and I really enjoy feeling this way. This new contract job can be a bit taxing, but it is also exciting and it makes me use my mental rigor in a very particular way that I really enjoy. I am recognizing that skills and intelligence are valued and I am starting to feel like a professional. I set up meetings with graduate programs in Europe that are truly interdisciplinary in the ways that I had always dreamed of finding, and I am thrilled to present myself as a candidate and see if one of the schools will feel like home. I feel like I am finding out what really matters to me, what I find truly satisfying, in a way that is allowing me to live a more enriching life and feel more resistant to compromise.

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