Introducing Project: Happiest Moments

Yesterday I sat in the Intelligentsia in Lakeview (the one on Broadway, near the Belmont intersection) writing a screenplay called Boat Beneath the Sky. I sat there for hours, crafting something with care and detail. Does it matter? I have no idea, I just know that creating it has made me happy. Being an artist in any capacity is one of the most challenging risks I have explored in awhile. Creating something just for the sake of sharing beauty seems like a benevolent project goal, but every step along the way a skeptical voice asks what the point is, accusingly imploring an explanation for why this is how I spend my time.

My goal is to create a surreal, dreamlike allegory exposing the magic of the greatest moments in life. The script erupts from a conversation between two people in love, but highlights moments of happiness that they each had experienced before they ever met. The moments range from childhood memories to moments feeling communion and acceptance to be authentically oneself with friends, to moments confronting fears and feeling a sense of connectedness to something beyond oneself.

I am inviting others to script scenes of their happiest moments. If you are interested in contributing, please e-mail me at

Thank you!

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