The Alterity of the Self-Aware Lover Emerges: Part 1

This post is about all of the people in my life who have shown myself to myself through a bricolage of synaptic membranes connecting synchronous being-in-the-world discoveries, pains, and fascinations through increasingly complex loops. In my rather short life thus far, I have been profoundly fortunate to have foundĀ mirror-souls. I have experienced moments with others […]

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Warp-Speed Thought!

It is around midnight on a Saturday night and I have spent the last hour laughing almost non-stop, celebrating and feeling celebrated by my friends. I am sitting on the floor petting Ernest, the 26-toed cat. Elena, Jocelyn, and Derek are on the couch and Thomas is across the room sitting on the floor too. […]

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Cartesian Meditations: Interpretations

Husserl’s Cartesian Meditations are based upon a series of lectures that he delivered at the Sorbonne in 1929. Husserl describes the aims of transcendental phenomenology as being a version of Neo-Cartesian philosophy even though it rejects almost all of the doctrines of Cartesian philosophy. The Meditations propose first an absolute foundation for philosophy in order […]

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In Praise of Angela Conway

Angela Conway is the angelic voice behind the limited-discography early 1990s release of A.C. Marias, which features a collaboration between Conway with various members of the punk band Wire, specifically Bruce Gilbert and Rowland Howard. These songs and music videos have stamped their place onto my subconscious. They really hit home and capture something that […]

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Review of Neofuturist’s Latest “Too Much Light” Show (7/25): Reflecting on Graduate School and Authentic Comunication

Last night I revisited one of my favorite live Chicago theater groups, The Neofuturists, for the longest-running show (that is ever-changing in content within a consistent format) in Chicago, “Too Much Light Makes the Baby go Blind.” This show has always been a special Chicago gem to me, and I know myself and my friends […]

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“Go to the Places that Scare you.” — A Review of Scary Scenes in Childhood Films

This evening I got thinking about the unconscious, as is perhaps easier to do late into the night when the silence and darkness are more conducive for letting out the “unseen” both physically and psychologically. I started to think about Joe Frank’s interview with Lester Nafzger called “Lynchpins”, which you can listen to on Hearing […]

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